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Business Development

Product Development



  • We provide comprehensive research and analyses of the targeted market and assess market potential of your product and services. 
  • We can deliver each single step one or a provide a full business feasibly study depending on your needs.
  • We research prospective accounts in target markets and explore business opportunities based on your targets.
  • We assess market needs by  perform customized interview campaigns.

    • We can strengthen your innovation and business potential by identifying emerging trends, technologies and new players
    • We screen fully customized and our results on desk-based research, interviews campaigns, personal contacts, fair and conference visits.
    • Identification of suitable raw materials and capital goods.
    • Providing contact information and supply source details.
    • Identification of potential suppliers by matching with your needs.
    • We perform patent evaluations services for market potential assessments and feasibility studies.
    • We are well-versed in the intricacies of patent claims and can identify important features of your ideas and product that will increase the chances of success.
    • We connect your with trusted patent lawyers who can offer support throughout the entire application process.
    • We develop your strategy and plan the necessary tests.
    • We identify suitable testing laboratories and prepare all necessary documents. 
    • If you require an all-inclusive package, we can take care of the entire process, which includes the technical evaluation of the results and the delivery of the final biological evaluation report.
    • We offer engineering and science services for planning, evaluating, estimating, and reporting technical projects. 
    • We also provide on demand research assistance with  chemical, engineering, and mechanical engineering expertise.
    • We can support scientific laboratory testing and analyzing of materials.
    • Our product development support includes MDR and FDA regulatory compliant research  and documentation work.
    • We can assist or provide full service with your MDR Technical Documentation
    • We can help to identify suitable notified bodies or certification bodies for your CE conformity assessment and QMS certification.
    • We can perform internal audits and can support in third party audits. 
    • Introduction into Medical Device Development
    • How to implement a lean and MDR compliant design & development procedure
    • ISO 10993 Biological series
    • Verification & Validation
    • MDR Compliance of Custom-Made Medical Devices
    • EU MDR CE Certification of medical devices 
    • ISO 13585 QMS Introduction
    • ISO 14971 Medical Device Risk Management
    • We are experienced in working with different departments and adapt our processes to the specific needs of general management, marketing & sales, R&D, QM and regulatory and production.
    • Close your internal expertise or capacity gaps by booking our experts on-demand to get specific questions answered.
    • We can set-up expert tandems, where we consult and train your staff temporarily.
    • We consult in how to manage, execute and accomplish your projects that are embedded in given regulatory frameworks. 
    • We have a vast network of professionals in various industries that we can connect you with to offer fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.
    • Our services also include supporting your talent acquisition helping you find the most suitable candidates to join your team.
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